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    • Easy release system provides a swift means of escape
    • The “clean” side flange is smooth with no fixings ensuring cleanability
    • The outer flange (“dirty” side) is screw fixed to allow installation
    • Standard escape hatches are glazed with a lightweight opal (non-visionary) acrylic panel, with framework in either polished stainless steel or mild steel polyester powder coated white to RAL9016 (other RAL colours are available)
    • Standard units can be manufactured to any size upwards from a minimum 600 x 600mm escape aperture in a typical 100mm thick wall
    • Totally bespoke sizes available.
    • Emergency escape panels for situations where there is only one means of entry/exit
    • Satisfies health and safety demands
    • Easy to use
    • Do not affect room balances (sealed units)
    • Re-usable
    • Can be made to typical door sizes, or to fit under benches
    • Not suitable for external applications
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