The typical application for these Panels is in a “Cleanroom” that has only 1 obvious exit door and that door is into another room which could become ‘blocked’, therefore cutting off the means of exit. The fitting of this type of “Underbench” Escape Panel in a wall shared with a different ‘Room’ (this could also be a Cleanroom), provides an alternative means of exit, and minimises the space taken up.
These 2 part “Telescopic” style Escape Panels, are designed to provide a quick and accessible means of emergency escape when the normal route of exit from a cleanroom is unavailable.
When fitted, the installed panels provide a sealed aperture therefore ensuring the integrity of the rooms on either side of the wall.
In situations as described earlier this type of Escape Panel could satisfy a mandatory requirement for Health & Safety.
NB. These “Underbench” Emergency Escape Panels are not suitable for installation in an external wall.