Sterile and clean environments demand an absolute commitment to the control of hygiene and cleanliness. The consequences of failing to meet the required standards can be serious in pharmaceutical dispensing, production, public health and specialised patient treatments. Hatches should be easily cleanable, restrict cross contamination and provide a safe and comfortable position for the operator.
Our Pass Through Hatches are suitable for a wide range of uses and so are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and with many features.
If the specification you require isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for a custom design. All our products are manufactured and finished in house.

3 Way

A 3 Way Pass Through Hatch allows transfer of items between 3 separate environments.

Conveyor Hatch

A Pass Through Hatch with an integrated conveyor system. Designed to work in environments where items cannot be entered and received by operators without moving the items within the Pass Through Hatch area.

Corner Hatch

A Pass Through Hatch designed with the doors on adjacent walls of the Hatch. This design is especially suited for fitting in the corner of a room, or where access would be restricted by parallel access doors.


Our standard Pass Through Hatches are designed around the doors being on opposite ends of the transfer area. These are manufactured to a standard range of sizes, materials and finishes. As all our products a designed, produced and finished finished in our own machine shops, customisation of the basic product is always available.

Trolley Hatch

A Trolley Hatch is generally located at floor level, and enables a wheeled trolly to be moved from environment to environment. We offer these hatches in a range of materiels, sizes and features to suit your individual requirements.