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These Double Glazed Vision Panels are used wherever a Clean Room or support area window is required for observation. The window is constructed to clean room or GMP standards.

Windows allow better supervision, provide a friendlier working environment and are frequently a mandatory requirement for Health & Safety.

NB. These vision panels are not suitable for external use.
If the specification you require isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


Standard Double Glazed Vision Panels are adjustable to accommodate wall thickness from 98mm to 123mm.

CNC punched flanges to both sides offer smooth rounded edges.

The clean side is fully welded to ensure cleanability.

The outer flange (dirty side) is screw fixed to allow installation.

Due to their 2 part telescopic clamped design, installation of these vision panels is a simple swift operation, requiring nothing else apart from silicone and a coin to tighten screws.

Standard panels are glazed with 6mm laminated glass to both sides, but, offer the potential for other glass options including fire rated pyroglass which in most cases will offer compliance with building regulations for fire rating, when fixed and installed using intumescent sealants.
NB. These vision panels DO NOT carry a Fire Certificate.

Standard Options

Frame Material

  • Powder Coated Mild Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 stainless Steel


Model 1 2 3 4
Internal Frame Size Width x Height x Depth 350 900 98-123 500 900 98-123 700 900 98-123 900 900 98-123
Structural Opening Width x Height 355 905 505 905 705 905 905 905
Viewing Area Width x Height 260 905 410 810 610 810 810 810
Over Flange Width x Height 390 940 540 940 740 940 940 940

Integrated Blind

  • Cable Controlled
  • Button Controlled
  • Remote Controlled

Glass Type

  • Georgian Wired
  • 1/2 Hour Fire Rated
  • 1 Hour Fire rated
  • Laminated
    • Speech Panel Option
  • Safety
    • Speech Panel Option


12 months(except glass).


1. Split the 2 ‘telescopic’ sections by undoing screws and pulling apart.
2. Ensure internal faces of glass are clean before assembling.
3. Offer ‘Clean’ side section (no fixing screws) into structural opening and push flush to wall.
4. From ‘Dirty’ side, slide other half of vision panel into first section, and push flush to wall (recommend ‘Clean’ side section is held to ensure it remains flush to wall whilst this action is completed).
5. Optional – for a more secure fix, at this point offer silicone behind flanges to secure to wall.
6. Locate screws through ‘Dirty’ side flange into hidden bushes on ‘Clean’ side section, and turn screws to clamp to wall – do not overtighten (suggest tighten with a coin).
7. Silicone along both internal and external edges of flange (glass/flange and flange/wall).


We offer an installation service. Please enquire.


Bespoke sizes to suit all applications in 316 and 304 grade stainless steel.
Alternative glass types, toughened, Georgian wired, ‘Pyroglass’ (for fire protection).
Single skin vision panels for fitting to the inside of external windows to gain maximum natural light and keep the interior sterile.


From £399.00

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