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The typical application for these 'Panels' is in a “Cleanroom” that has only 1 obvious exit door and that door is into another room which could become ‘blocked’, therefore cutting off the means of exit. They are not intended to be a regular means of entry/exit, but, in the case of an emergency provide an alternative, swift, route of exit that bypasses the normal route (this could be another "Cleanroom").

They are available in 2 different styles, typically full door size, or, when space is limited, a size that can be comfortably installed under benching, minimizing the space taken up. When fitted, the installed panels provide a sealed aperture that is designed to maintain the integrity of the rooms on either side of the wall.

In situations as described earlier this type of Escape Panel could satisfy a mandatory requirement for Health & Safety.

NB. These  Emergency Escape Panels are not suitable for installation in an external wall.


Easy release system provides a swift means of escape.

Tooling included with unit allows for refitting of opal acrylic panel and therefore enables Escape Panel to be re-used.

The “telescopic” design allows for variations in wall thickness (-4, +25mm) and makes installation a fast and efficient operation requiring nothing else apart from a screwdriver and silicone (all included).

The “clean” side flange is smooth with no fixings ensuring cleanability.

The outer flange (dirty side) is screw fixed to allow installation.

Standard Escape Panels are glazed with a lightweight opal (none visionary) acrylic pane, with framework in either polished stainless steel, or mild steel polyester powder coated white to RAL9016, (other RAL colours are available).

Standard units can be manufactured  to suit any size upwards from a minimum 600 x 600mm escape aperture in a typical 100mm thick wall.

Totally bespoke sizes available.

Fabrication Material

  • Powder Coated Mild Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 stainless Steel

Panel Material

  • 6mm Acrylic
  • 8mm Acrylic
  • 10mm Acrylic

Viewing Panel Finish

  • Transparent
  • Opaque


Internal Frame (*) W x H x D 660 x 660 x 96-125
Escape Aperture W x H 600 x 600
Over Flange W x H 764 x 764

(*) These are our manufactured sizes which require a 665 x 665mm structural opening in a typical 100mm thick wall.

Escape hatch diagram


Frames manufactured from 1.5mm thick Zintec steel sheet, with flanges cut from 2mm thick mild steel sheet, powder coated prior to assembly, in RAL 9016 – Traffic White.
2 part black rubber glazing extrusion is fitted to edge of aperture on “clean” side flange to retain 6mm thick opal acrylic panel which in turn is fitted with 2 no. “D” handles.


12 months from date of delivery.


Competitive prices by return.

TYPICAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (read in full before commencing):

1. Split the 2 ‘telescopic’ sections by undoing screws and pulling apart.
2. Offer ‘Clean’ side section with Escape Panel (no fixing screws) into structural opening and push flush to wall.
3. From ‘Dirty’ side, slide the other half of Escape Panel into first section, and push flush to wall (recommend ‘Clean’ side section is held to ensure it remains flush to wall whilst this action is completed).
4. Optional – for a more secure fix, at this point offer silicone behind flanges to secure to wall.
5. Locate screws through ‘Dirty’ side flange into hidden bushes on ‘Clean’ side section, and turn screws to clamp to wall.
6. Silicone along external edges of flange (flange/wall).


1. Take the handle attached to the rubber filler strip from its retaining clips, and pull filler strip from the glazing bead.
2. Grab the 2 “D” handles attached to the acrylic panel and pull towards yourself leaving the aperture available to crawl through.


1. Fit the hook piece to the fitting tool.
2. Take acrylic panel and push into mouth of glazing extrusion locating edges as best as possible.
3. Slide hook fitted to tool between acrylic panel and rubber extrusion and run around the aperture pushing the acrylic panel into position along the way (best to start at the bottom).
4. Undo the screw holding the filler strip in the handle and remove the filler strip.
5. Replace the hook on the fitting tool with the ’eye’ piece.
6. Feed the black rubber filler strip through the ‘eye’, and then starting in the middle at the top, start running the ‘eye’ around the glazing rubber filling the gap along the way which seals the acrylic panel in position.
7. Feed the end of the filler strip into the handle and lock in place with the previously removed screw(s), before placing handle back into the retaining clips
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Frames available in a range of polyester powder coated RAL colours, or alternatively in polished 316 or 304 grade stainless steel.
Acrylic panels can be supplied clear as well as opal.
Alternative sizes can be supplied ranging from this “underbench” size, up to full door sizes, and to fit within walls of effectively any thickness.
2 way escape panels (push – pull).

NB. These Escape Panels are not suitable for use in an external wall.


From £599.00

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