Bespoke Services

Clean Room Equipment encourage clients to use the standard product range as a starting point for the design, production and finishing of items that meet clients exacting specifications.


All projects begin with a design process that exploits both RGS Sheetmetal’s  decades of practical experience and modern CAD design techniques, Finite Element Analysis and Optimisation of raw material use.


Our Production facility combine both traditional skills such as TIG & MIG Welding, alongside Computer Controlled Milling, Machining, Cutting and Folding.

The core of our production suite is the (CNC) Laser Cutter, capable of producing precisely cut components that don’t require any post finishing, such as rag removal, or edge rounding.

We use a 7 axis Computer Controlled folding/forming machine to produce accurately radiused  folds that precisely match the design specifications.


We offer finishing of Stainless Steel in Milled , Ground (Brushed) and Polished as appropriate for intended end use and aesthetic appeal.

For Mild Steel we offer an in house Powder Coating Service capable of finishing items of 4m x 3m x 5m.

Stock and Services

Clean Room Equipment carry sheet, bar and tube section from stock in the following materials;

  • Powder Coated Mild Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 316 stainless Steel

Clean Room Equipment actively encourages the use of a discrete area of the business, be it Design Services, Powder Coating, or supply of raw stock.

If a service isn’t listed, or for any enquiries, please contact us.

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